Race Nights

The fun way to raise money for your club or charity


Register with the Gaming Supervision Commission. This is a small, annual amount that will register you to hold race nights, tombolas and bingo nights.


Sponsorship (Suggested minimum of £50 per race).This amount does not need to be declared to the gaming commission on your return form. Approach local business and other suppliers and ask them to sponsor one of the Races for some nominal sum. In return, the sponsor will receive exposure to a room full of potential customers. We suggest that the Sponsor choose the name of their race if they wish. The sponsorship money should cover the cost of the evening so there are no risks to your funds.


Horse Owners (We Suggest Owner £5, Trainer £3, Jockey £2, Maximum allowed is £5. Encourage members of your club, their guests and other interested parties to buy a horse. Each owner, trainer and jockey will receive a prize in cash (If paid in cash, this is available for customers to spend on the night, thus increasing the take) or in kind. The rest of the money received from horse sponsors is retained by the host organisation. This can ensure that your Race Time starts in profit. It is best to pre-sell as many as possible in advance (you can sell more race sheets than races, prizes will just be “Doubled up“- if they are all pre-sold and paid for all the money on the night goes to the TOTE - Extra Profit.


Race Card Program To add the professional touch, you should produce a Race Card, however simple or extravagant. This will list all the Race Sponsors and Horse Owners, Trainers and Jockeys (Another bonus from pre-selling everything). Even a photocopy of your full race sheets on each table will do.


Tote Ticket Sales for each Race This is the main activity of Race Time. The audience are able to buy as many tickets as they want for any of the 8 runners in each race. The host organisation is entitled to retain a significant share of the total ticket money staked for each Race. 50% is the maximum allowed, including expenses. There is now a limit on the cost of the betting tickets with a maximum of £5 (we suggest £1) but not on the amount of tickets your audience can buy. The more the merrier for all concerned.


Float. Make sure you have an adequate float e.g £100-£200 in £1 and 50p denominations.


Return Form for Gaming Commission. This must be submitted to the gaming commission no later than one calendar month after the event.

Easy to organise . . .

The formula for a successful and enjoyable Race Time is easy to find. All you need are . . . As many friends and members as possible A meal (however simple), a bar, Race Time and other race related activities.


In order to ensure a smooth and well-presented operation: We will provide


to keep everything and everybody organised, and will also act as projectionist for the equipment we provide. TOTE BETTING TICKETS. Numbered tickets for each Horse in each race for your audience to buy You need to provide


at least 2 and maybe 2 more if the audience totals more than 100. PAYOUT OFFICIAL who needs to be someone trustworthy to handle the cash, calculate the winning dividends for each race and payout the monies to all winning ticket holders. (We will advise on how to do this).

Fun to Run . . .

At the beginning of Race Time, the MC will introduce himself/herself to the audience ,will set the scene , explain the rules (such as they are) and generally focus the audience´s attention on what is about to happen.. Once Race Time is under way, the audience may purchase as many TOTE Tickets of their choice as they want. There are 8 runners in Race Time races and the number of each is clearly marked on the saddlecloth. Depending on the size of the audience, no more than 15-20 minutes should be allowed from the end of one race to the beginning of the next. Each race lasts about 3-4 minutes, so that 6 races should take about 1h 30mins, and 8 races about 2 hours.

Ready for the “Off”

When the TOTE is closed, things should move pretty quickly. A member of the audience selects a race from a box of sealed cans; the Ticket Sellers should count how many tickets have been sold; the Payout Official will calculate the payout on each runner. The seal on the race can is broken (Note: The tote MUST be closed before this can be done) and the race is loaded into the projector. Remember - Nobody in the hall (including the organiser or MC) will know what race will be shown (or who the winner is) until it is up on the screen.

At the Post

Once the race is run and everyone knows the winning number, the MC will announce the Payout on each winning ticket. Those with winning tickets should go to the Payout Desk. An option here for losing tickets is get people to sign the back of the ticket and collect them in a "Losers´ Box" for a prize draw at the end of Race Time. The TOTE is then open for the next race.

Great Race Library!

Flat , Jump & Trotting Races (Dog or Novelty Races by request) The great majority of these races have been run at top race courses in the UK, USA, Australia,Hong Kong, New Zealand and Malta. Your races will have been chosen at random from a huge library of available races. Make no mistake, all these runners are racing for real, with the winner being in doubt "right down the wire&.

Terrific Commentary!

Before the race, there is a short light-hearted preview of each runners form, bringing a tone of authority and excitement to the races, which will really give your audience something to shout about.



Info Sheet

Race Sheet

Gaming, Betting & Lotteries Act 1988

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