Covid Updates

As the island is going into another Lockdown, the following restrictions will be in place:

1. Business hours will change - please see our Facebook page for up to date information. We aim to be available between 10am-2pm Mon-Fri, but this may vary dependent on availability and safety restrictions.

2. Access to the shop will be by appointment only. Please call ahead to arrange an appointment. (629641)

3. Covid safety measures will be in place, we ask that all customers follow these (please see below)

Covid Safety Measures

- Unless medically exempt, all customers and staff are required to wear face coverings whilst in the shop.

- Access to the shop will be by appointment only, therefore restricting the number of customers in the shop at any one time. We will not allow more than one household bubble to enter at one time. We recommend you shop alone where possible.

- Hand sanitiser will be available for all to use at several points around the shop.

- Time will be taken between each customer to ensure "touch points" are cleaned. This includes our photo kiosks and passport systems.

- Individuals must stay 2m apart where possible.

- The use of a perspex screen on the counter will ensure better safety for all.

- Customers should pay by card where possible.

- Extra care will be taken if passing items between customers and staff (in either direction) is required.

- Customers will be required to wait outside until their appointment, this may be due to a customer already being inside, or to give staff time to clean "touch points"