We stock a wide variety of items related to photography. If we don't have what you're looking for, please ask! We might be able to order it in for you.


We stock from a range of brands and for a variety of needs. Everything from the simple compact up to DSLRs, and all that is inbetween.


Are you an SLR user? Then we'll have a lens for you. We mainly stock Tamron and Sigma lenses but we can easily get others in to order. Just ask.

Flash Guns

Our stock of flash guns vary. We source to fit the majority of cameras and anything we do not have can be ordered in. We stock flashes to suit from basic up to studio equipment.


We carry tripods from; Velbon, Kenro & Camlink. Tripods range in price from £25- £200. Range from amateur to professional.


We keep UV filters in most sizes in stock at all times. Make sure you protect your lens! We also have a selection of Cokin filters, and any filter can be stocked to order.

Cases & Bags

A camera case for any occassion! We carry brands like; Tamrac, Camlink and Kenro. Sizes range from a slip-in for a compact through to professional backpack.


We carry printers from Epson and Canon. We normally carry A4 printers in store, but A3 printers can be ordered. We also stock all-in-one printers which come with card-readers and scanners.

Printer Inks

Inks to fit most Epson, HP and Canon printers. Anything missing from our collection can be ordered in.


Paper for printers and darkrooms. Range of sizes from 6x4 upwards. Specialised items to order.


frames from Kenor, Memorie & Innova. Sizes range from ID photo size up to Super A1. Special frames to order.


An album for all occasions. Slip-ins, Traditional, Selfix and Scrapnook Albums available. We have albums to fit prints 6x4 upwards.


Our range of binoculars is more geared towards the amateur, but we can easily get in higher spec models for the porfessional. We stock; Opticron, Olivon, Visionary and RSPB.

Binoculars and Telescope Technical Guide


Large range of batteries, not just for cameras. We stock button batteries as well as standards like AA. We can also order in lithium ion batteries.

Memory Cards

We have what you need for your memory card needs. We stock mostly SD cards as these are the standards format these days. However, we do have XD cards (2GB only) and can order CF cards. We even keep 2GB SD cards in stock to suit legacy cameras.


Come to us for all of those little things that you forget to write on your shopping list; screen protectors, cable release, cleaning kits etc.