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... Prints

Lost the negative? No problem! Simply bring in the existing print and we can scan it using our dedicated photographic scanner.
We can then make any adjustments and either reprint it for you or save it to disc.
Remember, the reprint does not have to be the same size as the original, you can always go bigger, or smaller.

... Slides

We specialise at turning your old slides into high quality prints. All 35mm based slides, including Kodachrome and Ektachrome slides are scanned at 300dpi.
Each slide is cleaned prior to scanning and is returned on either CD / DVD or as a print.


We scan and print your 35mm negatives or positives to a high-quality image.
35mm Colour, transparencies and black and white film stock can be scanned. You can mix and match, no need to separate.
We can scan individual frames from a strip of film. Simply highlight the frames to be scanned or ignored.

Common photo scanning Questions

Do you lock the images on the disk?

No, they are standard digital JPG files which you can view and edit as you would any digital image. We place no restriction on editing, copying or sharing of the images, they are yours to use however you wish.

How long does it take?

We aim to return your images to you in about a week. However this depends on our current workload and how many current orders are in. We will advise you as to the time when you place your order. If you are in a hurry for your images please state this when placing your order and we can see about fast tracking it.

When do I pay?

Payment is always required when you collect your images. We notify you once your order is completed.

Do I get the originals back?

Yes, they are returned along with your digital images.

Can I mix colour, black and white and different sized photos in the same order?

Yes, we can handle any sized colour or black and white photo from 2" to A4

Can you scan into named folders?

Yes, if you name each bundle of photos we will place the digital images in a named folder for you. This service is normally free but in some circumstances we will make a small charge. Orders with dozens or even hundreds of sealed envelopes with only a few photographs inside each one will be charged a handling fee to cover the extra time taken. The charge is based on the number of envelopes we have to open.

When naming the batches, please use short descriptions such as "Holiday 1992", "John and Lisa wedding" or "Christmas 1972" etc.

Will the colours be restored?

Yes. Most old photos will benefit from some form of colour restoration, which is why we include it free with all scans. Extremely faded or colour cast photos may be beyond the automated colour correction software ability.

My photos are old and fragile, will they be damaged during scanning?

No. The scanner won't damage your photos. However, extremely fragile photos will be scanned by hand on a flatbed scanner to avoid any potential damage.

Can you scan photographs larger than A4?

The photograph scanners we use only handle photographs up to A4 in size. However, if your image is larger than this, we use a technique where we re-photograph the image in our dedicated studio.